In 2010 Eat Smart to Protect Your Health

The new year finds us in a national health care crisis. Politics aside, we need  prevention-centered health care, where taking responsibility for our own health and living a healthy lifestyle  is rewarded. The food we eat is the single most important factor impacting our health. Yes,  it is important and necessary to exercise and manage stress, but if you eat foods that trigger an immune reaction, inflammation will result. Inflammation of our bodies tissues and organs is the major cause of most chronic disease and chronic pain. Being sick and feeling bad is no fun.

The goal of this blog is uncover the “healthy” truth about food, nutrition and medical research so that we can eat smart to protect our health. Each week I will try to sort through the confusion and clutter in the media so that we can find the most delicious way to strengthen our immune system and control our weight.

In the meantime, let me know what is on your mind when it comes to eating smart to protect your health.


Dr. Claudia Pillow, PhD.