I just recently published my first book, The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook: The Delicious Way to Strengthen Your Immune System and Neutralize Inflammation. This cookbook breaks the mold for diet books because it combines basic science and proven medical research, with a true love of food and eating — Ph.D. meets “Julia Child.” The role of diet in the development and treatment of chronic disease is undervalued by the medical profession and the public. Doctors are trained to treat disease with medicine and surgery. I believe we must take responsiblity for our own health and The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook is a first step in that process. See my website for more information: http://www.foodphilosopher.com

In 2007, I received a Ph.D. in Health Studies from Texas Women’s University. As part of my dissertation, I developed and tested a celiac disease school screening tool and I am currently in the process of making the program available nationally. Prior to earning my doctorate, I was a 1982 graduate of the New York Restaurant School and worked as a chef and caterer for many years. An MBA and BS from Rutgers University offered me the opportunity to jump to the corporate side of the food industry, where I had a lot of fun marketing cheese and natural beverages. I serve on the board of the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America and I am a local resource for the North Texas chapter where I live with my husband and two daughters.


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  1. Susan Walker-Meere said,

    July 18, 2010 at 10:34 am

    Hi I’m happy to have found you as I continue my research on foods, nutrition and human health. I have worked to ‘cure’ my husband from a crohn’s type stricturing of the gut with diet.
    I have found also that gluten is probably a factor. But, I have seen studies done using sourdough, long fermentation of wheat flour for bread making that have practically eliminated the offending protein.
    I’d like to know if you have done any research on this? I am interested in the value of traditional diets and the way they ‘processed’ foods to enhance nutritional value, bio-availability of nutrients and reducing gastric stress and intolerances.
    Thanks for your work!

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